Interested in Hosting a Tower?

If you own property inside any of the highlighted areas on the map below and would like to host a tower, please get in touch with us by reading through what we are looking for. We'd love to discuss the details of tower hosting with you and learn more about your property to determine if it's a good fit for our needs.

What We Are Looking For

To host a tower, your property will have to meet various requirements, and we'll get into that in detail during our evaluation process. For now, let's look at the preliminary must-haves:
Your property

Curious how it's all done and how it will look? See the images below to get an idea of how our towers are constructed. 

If you have the land and the interest, let's talk! Please enter your information by clicking "Host with WildStar," and we will contact you shortly!

Tower fully assembled on the ground

On its way up, using our in-house designed self-erecting system (hello, innovation and conversation starter!)

How it will look when it is all done