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Is Internet service available in my area?

We are currently offering Internet service only to businesses and residents of Walton County and Washington County in Florida. If you live in one of these counties, please see our Coverage Map to find out if service is already available or when it will be available in your area.

How can I request Internet service?

You can request Internet service by checking out our Internet Service page, choosing your county, and then selecting your desired plan.

Which Internet service plan is best for streaming?

On average, streaming consumes around 8Mbps per device that is streaming at any given time. To estimate which plan speed is best suited for your streaming needs, simply multiply 8Mbps by however many devices you may want to be streaming at the same time.

Which Internet service plan is best for gaming?

While the Basic 25 plan will work for gaming in some cases, the Enhanced 100 plan will provide optimal performance for all of your gaming needs.

What Internet speeds do I need?

Which Internet speeds you may need really depends on what you intend to use your Internet service for. If you plan to just do some basic browsing, work from home, or stream fewer than 4 devices at once, the Basic 25 plan will work just fine for you.

If you plan to stream more than 3 devices at once, want to enjoy lag-free gaming, or just want to download cat pictures in milliseconds, then the Enhanced 100 would be best.

What Internet speeds does WildStar offer?

For residential customers, we are currently offering 25Mbps download and 3Mbps upload for our Basic 25 plan and 100Mbps download and 20Mbps upload for our Enhanced 100 plan.

Businesses can also sign up for a residential plan, but we will soon be offering business-specific plans with 24/7 support and a top-notch SLA.

Does WildStar offer Internet service without a contract?

Yes, we have various plans available without a contract. Check out our Internet Service page and discover our options.

What does the equipment look like?

To learn more about the jobs we offer, see our  Jobs page.

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