At Wildstar, we use Tarana Wireless' "RN" which delivers high-speed wireless internet.

RN on a J-arm mount. Weather proofing is underneath the mount to prevent leaking & rotting.

RN installed on a 6x6. Weather proofing underneath mount to prevent rotting.

RN installed on facia. Weather proofing underneath to prevent rotting.


At Wildstar, we provide everyone with MikroTiks Hap AC3 Router. With this router you will have 4 available ethernet ports to use and Wi-Fi coverage up to 2400 sqft.

Mikrotik Hap AC3 router. Solid coverage up to 2400 sqft.

The router also comes with a mountable back plate to mount wherever you want.

The router also has 5 ethernet ports. 4 of which are available to you.


If you need additional height to get a "passing" signal, we offer 30ft and 50ft masts. Masts require guy wires if they are free standing or 10ft+ above your roof line.

40ft mast with guy wires extending 33.5ft to 3 separate ground achors.

Another 40ft mast supported by guy wires extending 33.5ft.

You can also mount a mast against the home, not to exceed 10ft+ above roof line without guy wires.

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